It's Here! The K4BCG / BACG Web Site!

Ok! So, the old URL / link seems like a pretty long URL, and the old server hosting suffered a catastrophic disk failure from which it did not recover. So, here is the new site, with our much shorter (not to mention way cooler!) URL leveraging the group call sign - K4BCG. Thanks for dropping by to check it out, It is a work in progress at this point, but we're going to be working on it, and believe it'll be worth it for you to come back and check it out from time to time.

KG4Y/R 70CM Repeater On-The-Air

Just a quick note - some of you know that I got a UHF repeater pair coordinated, and purchased a Yaesu Fusion repeater to put on the air from here at my house. I don't expect it has a great footprint, but I wanted to invite you all to try it out if you have 70 CM FM and / or C4FM Fusion capability. The repeater output is 444.550 MHz, fixed FM out. The input is + 5 MHz up, with a PL of 146.2 Hz required. I had originally configured the repeater to transmit the PL tone on the output, but I got feedback that people were hearing some sort of AC hum on the signal coming from the repeater.

Field Day 2015

June 27 and 28th of 2015 the Blue Avalanche Communications Group proceed with the first club run at Field Day, operating under our new call sign of K4BCG.  Field day is meant specifically for taking the time to operate outside of the normal and learn from the challenges of putting a station on the air.  With that in mind the K4BCG did a lot of learning and has many lessons learned for Field Day 2016.  Inspite of early on air challenges we ran as 3E and racked up 1086 QSO's.

Main House Tower

After nearly 10 years in operation the K4USS main tower needed some TLC, new coax and work on the antennas.  Here are a few pictures of Lee K4USS and Rich K3VAT working on this project.  Thanks to Mick W8MLS for the pictures.  Once this work was accomplished the B side of the Array Solutions 6 Pack Switch was connected to the new coax run providing full access to the beams on this tower at the Chiefs Club.  



Satellite Antenna's

We recently completed the installation of the 2 meter and 70cm RHCP (right hand circular polarized) antennas on the azimuth and elevation rotator on the tower outisde of the Chiefs club.  Adam KG4PES has had this pet project in mind for years.  However, it was the brought together with the work of just about everyone in the club.  Mick W8MLS helped us get a nice boom operated lifting crane to really make this process go smoothly. Rich K3VAT and Gary K4GIF lead the antenna assembly crews.

80/40/30/15 Meter Vertical Antenna

Our new veritcal antenna and radial field is completed, tuned and fully operational.  It was originally planned as an 80/40 meter antenna but do to some unplanned luck (read fortuitious error) in the coil we now have excellent coverage on 30 adn 15 meters as well.  I big thank you goes to K3VAT who donated an enormous amount of time, supplies and was the lead on the design, installation and tuning of this antenna.  

Here is a brief video with Rich K3VAT:

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